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Rachel Harris is an abstract expressionistic artist based in Downtown Los Angeles. Born and raised in Southern California, Rachel studied as artist and designer at California College of the Arts, as well as Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Rachel aims to be a “personality artist.” By pulling back the curtain on the artistic process and inviting the viewer into her world, she creates a space for experimentation, exploration, and challenging the traditional notions of the “face behind the work.”

RTH paint party is a unique approach to collaborative artistic creation and expression. It was created through an Art Party where I brought together 25 graffiti artists and 300 guests to create on large installation (now broken down into individual pieces).  For this incredible 24-hour collaboration, I covered an entire warehouse with canvas, inviting artists to paint the scene and add to each other’s work. The guests then wielded art tools and paint-filled fire extinguishers to contribute their own flair. It was an immersive experience of dance, music and free artistic expression.


The series consists of 7 pieces 7x7 ft, 15 pieces 3x4 ft, and 3,000 sq. ft of canvas on pieces 6x12 ft to be cut and framed separately.






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